I am excited to share with you that HMA Décor is taking on a new shape. We’re dividing the brand into two chapters:

Henriette: A private label focussing on unique bespoke designs for individual clients.

"Crafting stories in every bespoke design, Henriette is where creativity meets individuality.’’

HMA | Blank Space, concentrating its efforts on providing exceptional wholesale collections for businesses like yours. In this new set up the same team is involved, with Henriette as creative designer.

"At HMA | Blank Space, we invite our wholesale partners to join us in shaping moments, creating lasting memories, and elevating spaces with our thoughtfully curated linen collections’’

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out!
For bespoke projects please rech out to henriette@hmadecor.com.
For retail and wholessale please reach out to hma@blankspaceamsterdam.com.

I look forward to creating many more beautiful linens for you.
With Love,